The myEHtrip portal is a reflection of Enterprise Holdings’ friendly behavior towards its employees. The myEHtrip portal lets employees manage their jobs in one place, and it’s packed with a lot of features and benefits. In addition, they can get customer support from this platform.


Signing into your account takes just a few seconds, thanks to this user-friendly portal. However, if you are having any trouble logging in or accessing the portal, the below-given guide will help.

myEHtrip Frequently Asked Questions

MyEHtrip – what is it?

Enterprise Holdings employees can log in to their accounts using myEHtrip, an online portal. Through the secure online portal, employees and other authorized users can access their myEHtrip accounts. There are several languages available in the portal, including English, French, and Spanish. Their employees, clients, and other users can access the portal from anywhere in the world.

Why should I work for Enterprise Holdings? 

Being an employee of Enterprise Holdings comes with many perks. As an example, you will learn how to provide the best services to your customers so that they are satisfied. As you gain access to the multi-billion Enterprise Holdings company, you will also gain practical experience managing a large business.

How do I change the language of the myEHtrip website?

  • Upon visiting the official site, you will find a list of different languages at the bottom.
  • From there, choose your language and click on it.
  • You will now be able to change your language instantly.

MyEHtrip is it safe to use?

It is safe because it is operated by an Enterprise company that ensures employees can use this portal safely and without hassle.

What are the restrictions for MyEHtrip Enterprise Login?

Employees of Enterprise Holdings, Centric Group, Crawford Select Rental & Program Fleet Management are the only ones who have access to this portal.