Company Values

Enterprise is a private company that deals primarily with rental companies, car-sharing, and travel services. Obtaining maximum customer satisfaction is the main reason for the company’s worldwide success. Employees at this company are trained in such a way to provide the best service to customers. myEHtrip is an employee login portal where employees can access various work-related information.


As well as taking care of their customers and employees, they believe that it is their responsibility to do so. As a result, they adhere to the company values, which guide them to do the right thing while safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders.

Enterprise Holdings Company Values

  • A company’s reputation is everything, so the employees have a stake in protecting their brands and helping them grow.
  • It takes a lot of effort to run a successful business. Their team members receive the accolades and rewards they deserve for committing to their responsibilities and futures.
  • Customers and employees are well-served because the company takes the time to learn about their needs. This opens up new opportunities.
  • The Enterprise Holdings company was founded in neighborhoods. These companies owe their success to the people in the communities where they live and work. They are committed to supporting them and helping them grow.


  • Every person who walks through their door is treated with respect. They strive to build loyal, long-term relationships with their customers and employees by meeting their needs and earning their trust.
  • The company exceeds each customer’s expectations. That begins with their employees. One customer, one handshake, one delivered promise at a time.
  • Our business staff, customers, and partners from all backgrounds are essential to our company. That’s why we seek out individuals from all backgrounds.
  • The company has an inclusive environment. The differences that make them successful and unique are embraced by everyone they deal with, from employees to customers to partners.