The myEHtrip website is a web portal created exclusively for Enterprise Holdings employees and Fleet Management’s employees. Employees and other authorized users can access their myEHtrip accounts from the myEHtrip Login portal. The useful myEHtrip Login portal is available in several languages, including English, Spanish, and French, among others.


It’s quite easy for employees to sign in to their account with myEHtrip Employee Login. It doesn’t take so much extra knowledge for them to gain access to their account. Users have to enter both a username and password in order to access and manage this service. For users belonging to an entric group, using this service requires a valid and functioning ID as well.


Get Assistance

The process of renting a car is easy at Before you can rent a car, you have to log into your account. There are more than 10000 locations in more than 90 countries where you can rent a car or truck. The convenience of accessing it from different parts of the world is helpful for employees and clients worldwide.

Additionally, prospective customers can conveniently log in to their myEHtrip accounts and access the site in various languages. Customers can also order car rentals from in all languages in places where car rentals are available.

Login Steps For Fleet Management Employees?

Employees in the fleet management division will have access to additional resources and tools via a separate login portal. Upon successfully completing the myEHtrip Employee Login Process, you will be able to access various fleet management resources and services on the dashboard. You can access these resources and services by following these simple instructions:

  • Employees of fleet management companies can log in to the myEHtrip Login portal at
  • The ‘Login Here’ button appears on the homepage under the ‘Enterprise Holdings and Fleet Management Employees’ section.
  • Your browser will be redirected to the enterprise holdings and affiliates login page.
  • Your Enterprise ID should be entered as Domain\ID.
  • Your password is your account’s password.
  • You can access your fleet management employee account by clicking on ‘sign in.’


myEHtrip Login Process For Franchisee Employees?

Franchisee employees have their own service portal tailored to suit their specific needs. You will have access to various tools and resources pertaining to the franchise under which you are employed. You will receive your login credentials from the HR representative of your franchise. By following these simple instructions, you can access your myEHtrip account with these credentials:

  • If you are a franchisee employee, you can log in to myEHtrip Employee Portal by visiting the official site at
  • In the ‘Franchisee Employees and Crawford Select Rental Program’ section, click on the ‘Proceed With Login’ button.
  • An account login bar will appear where you need to enter your Login ID.
  • Log in to your account using your password.
  • To access your franchisee employee account, click on ‘Login.’

myEHtrip Employee Portal Login Requirements

  • The myEHtrip Login portal works best when accessed via a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • In order to ensure that you do not get interrupted while logging in to your account, you need a reliable internet connection.
  • You strongly recommend accessing the myEHtrip portal using a supported browser such as Google Chrome, Safari Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
  • Being an active employee of the organization would be helpful. As long as the associate is active within the organization, the login credentials will be maintained.

Have You Forgotten my EH trip Login ID or Password?

Employees should ensure that they do not lose their login information because it is the only way to access the myEHtrip Employee Login portal. Losing these credentials will prevent employees from accessing online tools and resources.

It is also essential that you do not share your account information with anyone else because it could compromise the information contained therein. In case you forget your account credentials, you can retrieve your login credentials by following these steps:

Forgot Login ID?

  • Visit the myEHtrip Login page.
  • In the ‘Franchisee Employees and Crawford Select Rental Program’ section, click on the ‘Proceed With Login’ button.
  • Choose the ‘Forgot Login ID or Password’ option.
  • You can retrieve your Login ID by entering your registered email address.


Forgot Password?

  • Login to the myEHtrip Employee Login portal by visiting
  • In the ‘Franchisee Employees and Crawford Select Rental Program’ section, click on the ‘Proceed With Login’ button.
  • Choose the ‘Forgot Login ID or Password’ option.
  • Please enter your registered email address.
  • For instructions on resetting your my EH trip account password, click on the ‘Send Reset Password Link’ link.

Common Login Issues And Troubleshooting

  • Providing incorrect login information is one of the most common mistakes. Make sure that your login credentials are accurate. You must enable or disable capitalization if you want your passwords to be case-sensitive.
  • Additionally, you may be using a browser that isn’t supported by the portal. Make sure you are using one of the recommended browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 11.
  • Try clearing the cache and cookies if you experience a problem with the login portal. You can now proceed with the rest of your browser without having to worry about overcrowded data in your browser.
  • When all the above methods fail, use your browser’s private/incognito version to open the myEHtrip portal.

About Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings is a private company that operates an extensive fleet of car rental companies, including Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental, and Alamo Rent-A-Car. Its 10,000 locations span 90 countries and territories, making it one of the world’s largest car rental companies. There are more than 90000 employees at the company, and they generate annual revenue of $19.6 billion (US Dollars).

After being founded in 1957, Enterprise acquired Vanguard Automotive Group consisting of National and Alamo in 2007. In 2009, Enterprise became the holding company for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. All three Enterprise brands cover over 37 percent of the airport market share in the United States. The myEHtrip portal has made it easier for the companies employees to access their work-related information.


A vital part of the automotive value chain, offering services such as car rental, car sharing, car sales, vanpooling, truck rental, etc., as well as strategic and sustainable mobility options. Experts at Enterprise Fleet Management can design a customized fleet management program that meets each customer’s specific needs. This team’s expertise encompasses all aspects of a vehicle’s lifecycle, including acquisition, registration, maintenance, use reporting, fuel card programs, and remarketing, as well as fleet analysis and optimization.

Enterprise Fleet Management operates one of the largest maintenance approval facilities in the country, staffed by more than 150 Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-certified technicians. Customers can work more efficiently, lower costs, and demonstrate greater corporate responsibility when using the technology and tools provided by the team. Enterprise also offers the vast majority of makes and models of cars, light- and medium-duty trucks, and service vehicles in North America, in addition to managing more than six hundred thousand fleet vehicles.

How To Change Portal Language?

It is easy to change the language of the official myEHtrip Login portal.

  • Visit
  • To switch languages, click one of the available options at the bottom of the page.
  • The page will be converted from English to the language of your choice if you select the appropriate option on the page.
Official NamemyEHtrip
Managed ByEnterprise Holdings
Primary UsersEnterprise Holdings and Fleet Management Employees
Portal TypeLogin

Enterprise Holding Management Training

The company’s management training program is geared towards providing the best customer experience. Training focuses on customer satisfaction as the key to financial and operational success in business.

Thus, the trainees gain hands-on experience that teaches them how to manage a business. Additionally, the training helps them to acquire skills on how to empower teams and how to provide excellent face-to-face customer service.

Furthermore, my EH trip trainees are also taught marketing and sales for business-to-business transactions and how to manage a profit and loss account. The training program helps employees advance in their careers quickly by providing them with thorough preparation.


Benefits Of Employees In Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings takes care of its employees. First of all, it provides them with intense training that helps them advance in their career quickly. myEHtrip provides its employees with hands-on training, unlike other training that is theoretical. Therefore, they acquire skills to provide the best customer service that will keep their customers coming back for more.

Furthermore, exposure to a multibillion-dollar industry allows them to develop practical management skills. By doing so, they gain the confidence and skills to handle a large business. Employees of Enterprise Holdings also benefit from the following:

  • Both full-time and part-time employees receive financial benefits
  • Coverage for private medical care
  • A pension plan
  • Insurance for life
  • Programs for employee assistants
  • Holidays
  • Benefits related to health and welfare

With the myEHtrip portal, employees can manage their jobs from one place, and it is packed with many features and benefits. Additionally, customers can access support from the portal.

Is myEHtrip Safe To Use?

The myEHtrip Login portal belongs and is managed by Enterprise, so employees can safely and easily access it. Logging into your account takes just a few steps. There are only two options on the main page, you need to be tech-savvy to use it.

Your company will provide employee credentials, so it’s up to you not to disclose them to anyone else. After you have finished using the portal, ensure you have logged out. Additionally, the Enterprise app has received mostly positive reviews from users who appreciated the process facilitation. In addition to positive reviews, many websites have described the myEHtrip Enterprise portal as legitimate. In addition, they did not find any fraudulent activity on the website.

Enterprise Holdings Customer Service

The sole purpose of Enterprise Holdings is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, as excellent customer care is essential to a business’s survival. The company motivates its staff and conducts business management training – this has the result that they get the maximum customer satisfaction ratio.

The myEHtrip website allows users to select a language from a list. Furthermore, you can contact their customer service representative at any time if you have any questions. You can reach out to my EH trip customer support team at (314) 512.5000.

Closing Remarks

It is a reflection of Enterprise Holdings’ commitment to its employees that the myEHtrip portal exists. We have shown you the nitty-gritty of the myEHtrip account and how to access and log in to your employee account. By gathering data from different forums, we have attempted to answer all your questions. Even so, if you have any confusion, please let us know in the comment section.

myEHtrip is a new online portal that employees can use to access their work-related information. The portal provides employees with access to different tools that facilitate the various processes related to trips and rentals. The following information and instructions will help you log in to your employee account.

Employees can manage their myEHtrip Enterprise profiles via the online website by logging into their accounts. Various vehicle management tools, for example, are available on the fleet management employee’s login sub-portal. Employees of franchisees also have a login that gives them access to details about their companies.

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