Employee Benefits

The policies of Enterprise Holdings do not only reflect their concern for its customers, but they are also very attractive to its employees. Employee Benefits are always taken into consideration by the company. All employees can get a monthly bonus, even those who do not work in sales.


In addition to the MyEHtrip Discount, Enterprise also offers discounts to employees. You can take advantage of this discount through your account. Visit Enterprise Holdings’ official website for more information. There are several benefits that employees can take advantage of through the official portal and through their employers.

Benefits Accessible By Enterprise Holdings Employees

Enterprise Holdings takes good care of its employees. In the first place, it helps them advance in their career by providing them with intensive training. In contrast to other training that is theoretical, myEHtrip offers hands-on training for its employees. Thus, they develop the skills necessary to provide excellent customer service that keeps their customers coming back.

As a result, they will develop practical management skills as they are exposed to multibillion-dollar industries. This makes them feel more confident and gives them the ability to handle a large business. Enterprise Holdings employees also gain the following benefits:

Health Benefits: Upon being eligible for these benefits, you will be able to take advantage of medical coverage, accidental death and disbursement insurance, long-term disability insurance, a health savings account, life insurance, and a flexible spending account.

Paid Time Off: Your status and tenure will determine how many days you get in addition to your paid time off. This includes short-term disability, paid maternity, parental, adoption leaves, vacation, and holidays.

Additional Benefits: Employees are also provided with other benefits and rewards such as Employee Assistance Programs, Employee Referral Rewards, Employee Discounts, Company-sponsored events and activities, Vehicle Rental, Purchase Discounts, etc.